How to integrate MFC application with win32 console application

Hi All,
I m new to visual c++. I have two different applications. once is MFC application and the other is win32 console application. i want to get the data from MFC application to win32 console application. can anyone explain me this in detailed.

Thanks in Advance
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DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a number of options.  Generic IPC techniques such as Pipes and sockets and DDE are discussed here:
   Interprocess Communications
If your GUI app is going to start the console app, then you can also pass data to it via the command line when you start it.  The values on the command line are available in your main() fn as the argc[] array strings.
What kinds of data do you want to transfer?
chaitanya_vemasaniAuthor Commented:
If i enter a string in edit box in MFC GUI, i need to get that string into the console application.
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