How to put PC into Sleep mode ?


I need to put my PC into sleep mode. How can I do it ?
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aherpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My laptop has sleep mode but I could never figure out how to get it working. Occasionally I'd have to go to an appointment and would need to take my laptop with me, and I dreaded the moment that I had to leave because I knew I'd probably have to shut down and boot up again (and repeat the dreaded process when I return to the office/home).
But as luck would have it, each time I was packing up to leave, after I unplugged the mouse and all the other USB ports and closed the lit - it would go to sleep.
Eventually I found the pattern - it won't go into sleep mode with anything in the USB ports.
Hope that helps someone out there :)
szafranAuthor Commented:
thank you.
i'll accept now, since the code seems to be good, but will check it later.
szafranAuthor Commented:
i know that. i assume you're using vista (because for me the problem didn't exist on xp). try editing the advanced battery settings for the power plan thatyou're using and set the usb settings to off (don't really know how those options are namd in english, but when you'll see it, then you'll know what i'm talking about). that fixed it for me.
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