Primary domain controller FAILS

in out network  we have  windows2003 PDB and BDC
last night we had to  transfer  the PDC in a  new machine ( vmware)

We just created a new windows 2003 machine..  installed a BDC
and then promoted the new one as PDC

all worked ok for  few days but now  our network doesn't  have
a PDC......
When we look in active directory  -domain controllers -----
 it looks like we have  2 domain controllers but no  PRIMARY.

any idea ?
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leegclystvaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have PDC's and BDC's as such anymore in a 2003 windows network, but you do have a server that holds the FSMO roles, so it may appear as a PDC as it is slightly more important!
What you needed to do is seize the roles on one of the servers (your new one).
Have a look at this about ensuring the roles are setup properly.
run "netdom query fsmo" from a command prompt to see the role holders. (netdom is part of the MS support tools)

ETSPAAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  You are  great
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