How to reduce a T7700 Temp when idling. Heat causing overheating.

Hi Experts,

I currently have a dilema on my hands with my laptop. Whenever I play games on battery power for too long the laptop overheats. at first i thought this to be cause of the processor/graphics card combination of heat but upon further inspection i found that the graphics-card idles at only 33 degrees while the processor idles at about 60 and under load can get up to 90 degrees or even higher and so i believe the processor is the problem.

Is there any way to reduce this heat or to stop the laptop from overheating?
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sounds a bit stupid, but where do you put your laptop? On a desk? Or on your lap? Because putting your laptop on your lap will cause overheating....
Computer_Genius101Author Commented:
yeah. I have found that. but at the moment i have the side of the laptop off the side of the desk and thats the idle temp i get.
you can always clean all fans and vents of the laptop -  and replace the heatpaste with arctic silver :
or use a laptop cooler :
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well, read the following site with nice tips:

Good luck

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btw when you play on battery, then means your laptop consumes less power so also less power to the fans I guess...that can cause overheating even quicker.
You should not worry about idle temperature.
In idle mode fan speed is minimal, which increase CPU idle temperature.

But you should check temperatures at full load.
Orthos for CPU, FurMark for GPU. You would be scared :-)

Solutions: besides cleaning fan, you may replace thermal grease, but that would void your warranty.
Decrease voltage/clocks on videocard/CPU, which will defenetly help  (you'd need to find software for that, like SetFSB). And I hope you are not covering any holes in notebook while playing :-)
Computer_Genius101Author Commented:
I am also worried about idle temp because when i play games the temperature goes up to 90 degrees mabye even more and i DONT think that is normal at all. I am probably just going to buy some ariduster and see if that lowers the temp and then if not will send it away as it is under warranty. I'll try to let you know waht happens
Well, if you say "when I play games temperature is 90" they you should worry about "max-load temperature". 60C idle-temperature is normal because of lower fan speed. But 90C in Burn mode is defenetly is not ok. Max safe temp for Core2Duo based CPUs is around 75-80 in Burn mode.

You may use your home vacuum cleaner for that. No need for "special" "airduster"
Computer_Genius101Author Commented:
OK thanks will try
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