Cannot connect to VMX: E:\virtualmachines\server-av\server-av.vmx

Hi All,

I have a server when I try to log on the web interface (shorcut ) , it s not working.

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      vmauthd
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      100
Date:            11/11/2008
Time:            09:43:22
User:            N/A
Computer:      SERVER-CONS1
Cannot connect to VMX: E:\virtualmachines\server-av\server-av.vmx

I stop service, put in disabled.
Try port 8333 in order to see if one application is in conflict: the answer is no.

Do you know what is the source of problem



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lirlandaisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
create a backup for virtual machines

uninstall vmware
and reinstall

it s working again !
Same problem on every reboot on windows server 2000 AD master.
Is there a fix that can withstand a reboot?
Fighting the same problem.

What happens is that (at leaast on Vmware 2.0.2) the Vmware Hostd "dies" when the "Cannot connect to vmx" error appears.

The following checklist will allow to solve partially the problem without re install or reboot:

1: Create a backup of Documents & settings | All users | Application Data | VmWare (better safe than sorry)
1: Go to documents & settings | All users | Application Data | VmWare | Vmware Server | Hostd
2: rename authoriazation.xml  to anything you like (so just vmware cannot findf the file)
3: Restart HostD. Now you can access the VmWare admin site.
4: Start whatever VMs you want.
5: Disable the host automatic start up mode for Virtual Machines .

This is a partial solution because you have to sisable the startup mode.
What I didn't get why is that after a while you get to turn on again the Automatic Startup and everything works well.
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