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A customer has one SQL 2005 STD with some databases. Whats the best way to replicate (failover) data to another SQL 2005 machine using 2Mbit Wan Link ?

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Couple of questions:

How many databases need to be protected
How big are the databases
How fast do you need it to fail over?

If it's just one or two databases, you could use Database Mirroring and depending on how fast you need failover, you could use either Synchronous or Asynchronous modes. Check it out in BOL.

If your databases are over 20GB; a 2MB MPLS Link has a physical limit of 19GB/Throughput in any 24 hours.

Again, if your DB's are big; I would NOT reccomend the likes of Double-Take, WANSync, etc if you have your SQL Server configured with the Data and Log directories on different RAID volumes.

DT et al cannot gurantee the write sequence for the data/transation log when replicated; As I found out the hard way.


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I must respectfully disagree with the previous poster.  I can indeed say that Double-Take can safely protect larger databases, and have clients who have done so frequently without fault.  While there may always be problems with any solution (no matter the vendor) we have proven that the product can maintain write-order integrity for any application running on Windows Server.

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