How do call classic ASP server side functions from HTML page?

1. I have one HTML page(Sample.htm) with user inputs form (user inputs : name, email, phone etc..)
2. In My ASP page(Test.asp) have some functions like SendEmail() and StoredDB()
                1. SendEmail() - send the email to admin with user input details
                2. StoredDB() - Get the user details form htm page and stored in to access DB
3. When user  clicks the submit button after entering all user details I want to stored the users details in to access DB and Send a email to admin
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jweissdandmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in the test.asp page you could put something like this...
'make sure that your submit button is called submit and have a value of submit
if request.form("submit") = "submit" then
end if

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Try calling an ASP page with that info using AJAX from the HTML page.
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