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I have a couple of forms and am receiving a number of spam submissions, and thus thought of installing a captcha.  Can someone tell me how to add a captcha to my forms, to limit the number of spam submissions?

Ideally the captcha would be free, with few/no advertisements.

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Hello alleon,

I personally use Securimage at
Free and easy to install.



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If you want a solution, difficult for any OCR (automized program to read the captcha value) use animated captcha. It is quite imposible for any spammer to detect captcha by using OCRs.
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Hi, I've been using
You need to download the files, in the same directory as your registration script.
It's simple to use:

							<img id="captcha" src="./securimage/securimage_show.php" alt="CAPTCHA Image" />
								<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById('captcha').src = './securimage/securimage_show.php?sid=' + Math.random(); return false">Another image</a>
<input type="text" name="captcha_code" size="10" maxlength="6" />

Open in new window

alleonAuthor Commented:
Hi I want would like to use PHP Captcha (

Can someone tell me how can I link the things (including both audio and images + having my own text phrases) to my form?

I am using HTML not PHP..
alleonAuthor Commented:
I mean, can someone tell me how should I add this CAPTCHA to my form?  I would like to go for the full version, including sound and my own text phrases.

Thanks for everyone :)
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