Cannot get internet access on virtual machine

When i enable RRAS on my host (windows 2003) i cannot access internet with my virtual machines (vmware server 1.08). My client (windows xp) which isn't a virtual machine can acces internet through the windows 2003 machines.

Settings vmware machines (windows 2008 servers):
ip: 192.168.5.x
gateway: (which is ip address of the windows 2003 machine)
dns: (is a windows 2008 server)

Trying to ping to a ip adress is also not working. For example: Ping
So it isn't an dns problem.

Hope someone can help.
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dannyvdaaAuthor Commented:
I have 2 nics in it. One with a gateway and one note. I have already tryed to set up a manual bridge. But is doesn't work. Nic teaming didn't it enabled (What is it?). I can ping my other host in the same subnet. Also the ip of the host which is running rras.


what are the network settings for the Windows VM.  Is it set to "host only" or is it set to " "NAT" or set to "bridged"

set the Network adapter for the VM to "NAT" or "bridged" that should work.

dannyvdaaAuthor Commented:
It's already set to bridged. But it doesn't work. Hope you have an other solution.

How many NICs do you have up and running on your Windows 2003 host? Do you have NIC teaming enabled on the host?

Try and manually bridge a VMnet (say VMnet 3) to a physical NIC and assign your VM's vNIC to that VMnet.

Since you're 2008 VMs, your host, and your XP client are on the same subnet, are you able to ping to each other? Can your 2008 VMs ping the 2003 host and XP client (allow incoming ICMP echo request so you'll get a reply)?

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