What Java library for manipulating MS PowerPoint file?

I'm finding a PowerPoint library to copy, insert, delete, update and etc& slides of PowerPoint file. But I don't know what the best is. I tried use POI3.2 but its still have many bugs. I tried latest ASPOSE.Slide for java, it seem good library. But when I add Effect into slide, ASPOSE clone slide just work with entrance Effect type and lose Effect with the other.
My question: Is ASPOSE the best for me? (If no) What library should I choose?

Another question: Have a PowerPoint java library support .pptx(PowerPoint 2007) currently?

Many Thanks!
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CubeekkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am using Aspose PPT library for quite a time and I haven't been able to find any better so far. As for the pptx support - everything, but OLE manipulation should be supported (and OLE support is soon to come).
partnerex_devAuthor Commented:
Many thanks Cubeekk shared me experience.
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