Problem creating distributuion list with public folder


I have a problem while creating a distribution list with a public folder i get a error message that says that it can´t create the public folder. I have a couple of SBS servers that it works on and a couple that i get the very same error on.  The only thing in common i can find on the servers that i get the error on is that i got more then one email domains in the recipient policys (Default Policy) Does anyone know if this may couse the problem and how i can go around it.

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pollenkornetConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I followed this guide and now it works =)
pollenkornetAuthor Commented:
I have narrowed the problem down, the problem is the webcertificate.
i have a Go Daddy cert that is signed to "" but the machine is behind a firewall and have a FQDN "" if i reset the cert with ICW and let it create a "local" certificate it workes to create distribution group with a public folder.

But i still wan´t to have a signed certificate to the machine any ideas?
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