Slow internet connection but good internal ping, lousy external ping

My new client has five PCs and two laptops in a workgroup, connected to the ISP (64kbps link) through a brand new DLink DES 1016D switch and US Robotics USR8054 four port broadband modem. The client tells me that the have always had slow internet sometimes as slow as 5bps, often it's 150bps. results are 34kbps (downlink) and 4kbps (uplink) [Nairobi], and 34kbps by 11kbps [DC]. Pinging another PC on the same ISP I get 'request time out.' Pinging PCs within the workgroup I get <1ms.

Question: Why are the SpeedTest result so different from my download speeds? What can I do to increase the speed.

PS. All computing platforms had multiple malware infections when we came on board; we used MalwareBytes, AVG and Kaspersky to eliminate the infections.

PS1. I use the same ISP at my house for 64k link. The maximum I have ever gotten is 15k and that's at 3:00 a.m.
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24playConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if his ISP is the same as your ISP and your both getting poor results I would suggest that the issue lies with the ISP itself. If you see a faster speed when theres less likely to be people on it (like 0300) then there is when its busy (1700) then the ISP may be struggling to cope with connections

Pinging PC's within the workgroup should be <1ms if they are all cabled on the same network in the same house

Pinging another pc will not work if ICMP is not allowed on the computers firewall (the one you are pinging may have ICMP restricted so it will refuse to give a reply) - also are you pinging the computer or is there a router connected to it?

Running five pc's and 2 laptops on a 64kbps link will result in extremely slow internet as that is alot for such a small connection
King_of_SalemAuthor Commented:
The ISP reluctantly sent technicians to site. They found 40% retransmission on the ISP segment. Thanks
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