Processing files in HTML_QuickForm


Can someone explain how to check if a file has been uploaded and then store that file in a folder using HTML QuickForm?

I'm not sure what teh syntax is to use with isUploadedFile() and moveUploadedFile().

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Check the link:

You will found almost everything related to html quickform in this website.
deafpandaAuthor Commented:
Thankyou.  I've seen that page, and unfortunately it doesn't have any info about processing files.  What I want to do is to check if a file has been uplaoded, check the file type, rename it and then move it to a folder (which may need to be created if it does not exist).  I haven't been able to find any information on how to do this.

Surprised! check the code snippet
$form = new HTML_QuickForm('uploader');
// File upload needs an element of type "file"
$form->addElement('file','uploaded_file','Your File:');
// We want files of 128kbytes or less
$max_size = 131072;
// Make sure that a file is uploaded
$form->addRule('uploaded_file','Please upload a file','uploadedfile');
// Have HTML_QuickForm test, after the file is uploaded, that it is
// less than 128k
$form->addRule('uploaded_file','Your file is too big','maxfilesize',$max_size);
$form->addElement('submit','save','Send It');
// Tell well-behaved browsers not to allow upload of a file larger than
// 128k
// Display or process the form
if ($form->validate()) {
} else {
function move_file($data) {
  global $form;
// Remove backslashes and forward slashes from new filename
$new_name = strtr($data['uploaded_file']['name'],'/\\','');
// Remove ".." from new filename
$new_name = str_replace('..','',$new_name);
$file =& $form->getElement('uploaded_file');
if ($file->moveUploadedFile('/tmp',$new_name)) {
  print "The file has been uploaded to /tmp/$new_name.";
} else {
  print "The file could not be uploaded to /tmp/$new_name.";

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deafpandaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this looks very useful.  I will test it out when I have time later this afternoon.  Just one other thing - uploading a file is optional for the form I am creating.  To test for an uploaded file - is this syntax correct?

$file =& $form->getElement('uploaded_file'){
if ($file->isUploadedFile){
    //do stuff
I think your code should work.

Just see the line 36 of my code snippet

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