Linux slow to serve after reboot

A long serving Linux 2.2.18 server had to be rebooted at the weekend. It has served Perl/MySql pages from httpd for goodness knows how many years and the chap who wrote it all has moved on.

My problem is it is really slow to serve the http, maybe 30 secs for the opening page with a sidebar. Images are fine but the layout takes forever to appear.

Using top the server appears to be doing nothing, I've fsck'ed and run myisamchk on the Dbs just in case but to no avail.

Any help would be greatfully received...
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
does all the content come from the local machine?
Anyway, this sounds like some kind of name resolution or routing problem.
Perhaps there is more than one nameserver entry in your /etc/resolv.conf and the first of them doesn't exist any more?
In your /etc/netsvc.conf, take care to have 'bind4' in the 'hosts=' statement, (or 'bind6', if you're using IPv6), and not 'bind' alone.
And, please check your gateway settings.
paulm987Author Commented:
Thanks for the response wmp.
All content is local and the only entry in resolv.conf is, however I have entries in the hosts file to resolve the machine name to it's fixed IP. I can ping by name and IP from the network with <1ms replies.
This server is an intranet server and has no public presence.
I do not have a netsvc.conf file in /etc but I only use IPv4. possibly an older version of the build?
My g/way is as required
Any more ideas?
paulm987Author Commented:

The server had been plugged into a new Gigabit switch, when I plugged it into an older switch it was restored to it's former glory.

The new switch supports IPv6 the older one does not so maybe that was the problem.

Thanks wmp you deserve the points as you gave me the clue with the IPv4/IPv6 question.
paulm987Author Commented:
Thanks again.
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