Selective Autologin?

I have a problem with the security of my machines. I have a large number of pc's that are used to play media. I have Cntrl Alt Del disabled, media player running as shell - so no access even at start up.

My problem is that someone with a keyboard could still access the machines by rebooting - F8 and changing what they need.

The machines need to autologin as they are all remote - but is there any way to stop that autologin for safe mode? Or to disable the usb for keyboard? I currently have it disable for any kind of drive.

Thanks for any help!
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darren-w-Connect With a Mentor Commented:

 You could disable the f8 button by editing the ntldr file with a Binary/Hex editor, search for the value "CD
16 0F 85 09" and replace it with  "CD 16 90 90 90" the user will not be able to select safe mode then.

Please test on a test machine first, as it can break the o/s if done incorrectly.

deathbybatfileAuthor Commented:
Thanks Darren - can I use an edited ntldr file and copy to each machine - or is it specific to the machine I do it on?
deathbybatfileAuthor Commented:
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