associate local profile to AD user


By mistake I removed my Laptop from the domain and added it again. After adding the Laptop to the domain, it created a new profile and showed a desktop with default settings. My local settings were "lost". However, I want to keep the "old" profile.

I now made a restore of the Laptop's HD to the state it was 1month ago. As long as I don't connect to the server I can login locally and work with this user profile as before. However, when I login to the domain it creates a new profile and shows a default desktop.

Is there a possibility to associate the "old" existing profile from my laptop to the AD domain user so that when I login to the domain it does not create a new profile on the laptop?

System Settings:
- Windows SBS Sever
- Client: Win XP
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I suppose you could specify your laptop profile path ie \\yourlaptopname\c$\profilepath (You may have to share it?)in your AD user account. If not, you may have problems as logging into the domain takes on domain security and policies which usually includes desktop settings etc.
skiaholicAuthor Commented:
If I understand your proposal right, I must do the following:

1) share the profile path on the laptop
2) in AD set this path as the user's profile path
3) login to the domain from the laptop

Is this what you meant?

I fear that still will create a new profile because I suppose that the profile on the laptop is assigned another system identifier (SID) than the domain user on the server. Will it not be necessary to verify that the profile SID and the domain user have the same SID before logon to the domain?

Yep that may well be the case. My comment was a suggestion as opposed to a solution, so you will need to try it. I can't see a way to do what you want (i should have stated this, sorry, but very busy at the moment) so I suggested a workaround that may do what you want albeit slightly flawed in some respects.
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why not just allow teh new profile to be created, log out, log back in with an admin account and then copy everything out the old profile into the new one?

you may need to shut down before logging into teh admin account to ensure no profile files are in use but shoudl be any more complicated than that?
Good point Slam69  :o) I'm actually off work sick and doing work. I knew I should just sleep a bit :o)
Np im in need of some sleep meself :O)
skiaholicAuthor Commented:
I tried to do this solution with copying everything to a new created account. Part of the settings were recovered by this, however many settings were missing, for example:
- no more mapped drives
- no more index of google desktop
- all components of the delphi programming environment set to default (these settings are stored in the registry)
- the outlook exchange account had to be configured again
- ...

If possible I want to avoid this and keep the profile with all the settings. Is there no way to assing the exisiting account to the AD user?
Ah you didnt say you wanted to keep all those things, you need to do a few thigns in teh reg to do this to match up with the old ssid of teh old profile

heres a good site with step by step of what to do
failing that check this out

or you can try exporting the registry for current user when logged into old profile and importing under the new log in but thats really risky an di wouldnt suggest

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skiaholicAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your great help!!! My laptop works perfect again :)

Good work Slam69 although us Spurs boys need the points more than you gooners :o)
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