How to compress/reduce the size of a logo using a software?

How to compress/reduce the size of a Logo using a software but without compromising on the Logo color and proportionate dimensions? I have Photo Shop CS2, Irfan View and GIMP installed on my PC. Please let me know the steps with any of these mentioned software's or any other open source software which can give me the expected result and is easiest to use for the purpose.
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camelbreathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should re-sample the image when enlarging or reducing. Click Image>Image Size and Check the resample box. Select bicubic smoother to enlarge or bicubic sharper to reduce. If you are trying this with a 72 dpi web image, your results with probably be marginally successful. With higher resolution, this procedure works well. Most of the time, I use Genuine Fractals Print Pro to enlarge or reduce. The software is pricey, but it satisfies my requirements. I have used it since the first version eons ago.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
The color schem or proportions of a picture are only altered, if you'd choose nonproprtional resizing regarding the aspect ration and a different color space/palette, bits per pixel regarding the colors.

All of the above programs should offer proportinal resizing aka "respect aspect ratio" or allowing you enter a percentage for the resize process valid for both the new height and width.

There are several possible algorithms for resizing, which make the picture smoother, eg. "bicubic" etc. You should use one of these for better looking edges. This processing tends to make the picture softer, so you might use a sharpen filter as a postprocessing of the resize, if your logo is rather geometric. But in that case you might also consider a vector format.

A common problem of bitmap image processing is you can't resize with higher sizes without getting artifacts, so your original should be the biggest version of the logo you need.

The other hing inflluencing picture quality including colors is the compression format to save the shrinked versions. JPG isn't JPG and can drastically reduce the color space, by only providing fewer accuracy for red and blue portion than for the green. Use high quality settings or use some format capable to do lossless compression, even though the compression rate will be less good. PNG, TIFF or even BMP could be choices for that.

Bye, Olaf.
you can do this in Photoshop , depending on how small your image is going to be, the quality may reduce :
go to Image menu ---->image size , set your desired width or height
Jeffreym17Author Commented:
you are great, thanks.
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