SIS 7012 audio driver error

I am trying to install the driver for the SIS 7012 audio, Windows already found what it thought to be the drivers with the upgrade to SP3 which was the C-Media AC97, now im trying update driver though device manager after downloading the driver from SIS and all I get is the message below, even if I run the installer I still get it.  

An error occurred during the installation of the device
The name is already in use as either a service or a service display name
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MPCP-BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an odd one. If there truely is a service running that is blocking this: you can try 2 things.
***Before trying these unistall the audio drivers. First unistall out of the add/remove programs from the control panel. Then go to the device manager (Right click on My Computer, click manage, Then go to Device Manager) Right click on any/all the audio drivers and unistall.
1. Tap 'F8' continuously before windows boots to run in safe mode. This allows only limited services to run. Try installing in safe mode.
2. Right click on My Computer, Click Manage. Click on Services and Applications, then Services. Stop any service that could be related to audio. Try reinstalling.
Good luck!!!
Tony_1977Author Commented:
I have tried both solutions but still get the same error and I will agree with you, that this is a odd one.
The pic attached is what I see before any driver updates.
If I let windows find the driver it want to use the C-Media driver when it's a SIS 7012, would it have anything to do with the SIS 650 VGA driver I installed beforehand.
Mc7400Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot the system in safe mode, go to device manager and check the files of the driver, search for them and delete them all, then delete the driver in device manager and all related drivers.

-Then check the startup and see if it point to some related driver, search for the file and delete it then delete the link in startup.

-Then check autoexec.bat, if it has such file which runs the driver, delete the file then delete that line in autoexec.bat, this step is for some old drivers and maybe you don't need it.

If you can identify a folder that have the driver then you can delete it altogether.

Tony_1977Author Commented:
Managed to get round it by reinstalling XP then install the drivers before any windows updates, working fine, a lesson learnt in SIS audio drivers :o)
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