Adobe Captivate 3 Trial Install Urgent Help

I have adopted a new PC at work, and I went to install a trial version of Adobe Captivate 3. However, apparently someone on this machine has already done that, and Adobe Captivate 3 will not allow me to install a trial version, which I need to evaluate for my department. I know that there must be a registry key somewhere to inform Adobe Captivate that there has already been a trial version on this PC. How do I find and delete that key? Adobe Captivate 3 is no longer on this PC. Does anyone know how I can install AC 3 without having to reformat my PC?

I have Revo Uninstaller (and a variety of other programs) but the program has already been uninstalled. What do I do next?
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I am not sure whether this may help:

Also have a look at the reinstall guide:

Particularly the User folder instructions for removal of DAT files.

dtssmithersAuthor Commented:
Great idea, but it did not work.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I would first try it as a different user.
If that does not work, your only option is to contact Adobe. EE does not allow any instructions about cracking software (and that is what you are asking for: You want to work around the limitations that Adobe put in place). Only Adobe can help you to get a second eval copy installed - or, they may tell you that this is not possible, in which case you need to use a different computer for your evaluation.
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
BTW: When you get a new old PC, the right way to handle that is to have IT wipe the disk clean and start from scratch. Using somebody else's system is like using somebody's toothbrush - you don't do that because you never know what kind of nasty bugs you could pick up...
Shame, not a lot available on this subject I am afraid, will post back if I can find more.

sorry my post in response to the did not help, not to khk's comments
dtssmithersAuthor Commented:
I apologize...I didn't realize that I was asking for a hack or crack. I thought it would be a simple registry key deletion. I did ask Adobe to look up the person's profile; however, for whatever reason, they could not find the person. Yes, I am aware of the PC deal, and I wish they would have wiped my PC. Thank you for your help.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Chances are that Adobe has no record of the previous trial installation: Most Adobe programs do not need a license key to run in trial mode: You just take the normal installation media and install it without a key, and you  get 30 days eval time. But, because that is so simple, and there is no need to register with Adobe, one could "renew" that eval installation forever if there were an easy way to remove the evidence that a certain package already was evaluated on a certain machine. Adobe does not want that, and because of that, they made it hard.

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