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Creating a troubleshooting guide - Easy to master tools/programming languge to use


I have been given the task to create a troubleshooting guide for a new product my company  is rolling out.
Rather than do a Word/PDF document, I would like to learn and create a intuitive one, with a simple GUI that asks the various troubleshooting questions and then at the end gives one or more solutions to the user from the questions asked.

I would like to know:

1. If this would be an easy task ? (I do not want to implement any AI to the program at this stage or ever).

2. Are there any examples out there that I can learn and use and tailor for my use ?

3. What programming language/s or toolkits are recommended ? (ones that are simple to use and learn would be most welcome)

I have a short timescale of between three to five weeks to get this done. So any guidance is most welcome.
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Hi !

If I should do that, I think I will use the code eliza and amend accordingly. It is available in several programming language such as PHP, Perl, etc.

Eliza is a chatbot, and it is easily modified to do this.

Anyway do a job like that takes time and reflection.

Good luck.

Best Regards
HerrYoZaAuthor Commented:
many Thanks for the info, it is appreciated, however, as a beginner to programming, I was looking for a more step by step approach. I can get the code, but, how would I change it, what would I need to to use PHP etc etc, would the program run in a browser or not ?
I dont mind investing time, but I need a beginners approach.

Hi !

Yes if you use php the program will run in a browser. But that doesn't matters. If you choose perl you can have a nice Tcl/TK program.

The sctructure of Eliza is quite the same :

Is one file with the source like eliza.php

And one file with the knowledge like knowledge.txt.

In the file knowledge you have something like that :

key: Where
pri: 4
var: Where
   resp: I really couldn't tell ya.
var: you live
   resp: Why do you want to know where I live?
var: you from
   resp: Why do you want to know where I'm from?

If when you type : " where you from " the answer will be :

Why do you want to know where I'm from?

If when you type : "where you live" the answer will be :

Why do you want to know where I live?

Then for exemple you can change to :

key: Kernel
pri: 4
var: Error
   resp: The answer when kernel error appends.
var: Panic
   resp: The answer when kernel panic appends.

Best Regards
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