sso with oracle database on suse 10 and active directory


I want to implement single sign on for an Oracle Database using the active directory.
my configuration is
a server running suse linux enterprise sp2 (SLES10) with an Oracle Database 10g installed
and a server running windows server 2003 with active directory installed.

how do i implement authentication with the active directory on the oracle database?

thanks in advance,
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elf_binConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on.  See

Not as hard as you thought :o)
rtielandAuthor Commented:
Is it also posible without extra software? i have an oracle database 10g with advanced security.
Short answer: not very easily.  While you can configure oracle to do the ldap side of things, you need to kerberize oracle which can be very tricky.
I don't have a "recipe" for that I'm afraid and it's probably a whole lot easier to buy the supported product.
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