'New Discussion' icon remains on the page

On the website, there are discussion messages and the user is made aware of new messages through a 'New Discussion' icon next to the link to the Discussion webpage. The user clicks on the icon and proceeds to the discussion webpage which lists all the messages by subject name. The user views the new message by clicking on the message subjects where it then showed in a pop-up window. When the user is finished reading the message, he clicks closes the pop-up window.

Back on the main discussion page, the user still sees the 'New Discussion' icon next to the link to the Discussion webpage. Even when he refreshes the page, he still sees the icon. Even when he navigates to another page in the website, he still sees the icon.

What are some solutions to this problem that I can investigate?
Useful links providing a background on the solution would be helpful.
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
Hi kgpretty,

The easiest thing to do is to set a cookie for the user that keeps track of which threads have been checked.  The icon is changed to a dynamic image and a script checks the cookie data to determine whether or not to display the icon.  This method would work without the user being logged in, but has some drawbacks.  One, the user has to accept the cookie and a lot of users block that behavior.  Two, the cookie file can get to be very large if the web site has a lot of active discussion.  Three, if the user clears the cookies, they are back to square one.

Another method would be to force users to register and login and use a back end database to track what has been visited.  This pretty much eliminates the cookie problems and is not significantly harder to code.
kgprettyAuthor Commented:
Very precise.. exactly what I wanted. Thankyou.
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