I'm about to replace Vista with XP. Is it safe to delete the PQSERVICE partition?

Hello experts,

Last week a bought a new computer (Acer Inspire M5641), and it came preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Premium.

I really don't like the Vista, so I decided to buy Windows XP Pro, and now I'm about to wipe Vista out of existence, and replace it with the XP.

So here I am, at the XP Pro setup screen (blue background with white writing), and I'm presented with a list of partitions as follows:

J: Partition1 (PQSERVICE) (NTFS)
C: Partition2 (ACER) (NTFS)
H: Partition3 (DATA) (NTFS)

Since I want to wipe Vista out completely, ideally I would want to delete all of the above partitions, and repartition the hard drive again (FYI: the whole hard drive is 640 Gb, and for the new XP installation, I want to allocate 200 Gb for C drive, and 440 Gb for D).

And my questions are:

a. Is it safe to delete the PQSERVICE partition? I don't even know what it is, and I'm not sure if it's safe to delete.
I would appreciate if someone would tell me what it is and why it is/it is not safe to delete.
(I've been searching about this at Google and found no satisfying answer)

b. When I delete the existing partitions and install XP, will the hard drive be formatted automatically? If not, how do I make sure of this? I just want to make sure XP will be installed on a fresh, blank hard drive.

Thank you!
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its teh recovery partition for your machine shoudl everything go pear shaped. i wouldnt suggest deleting it just in case!!
also before you downgrade make sure you make a list of all drivers required for teh downgrade and that tehy are available. if tehre are any specific function keys on your keyboard ensure tehre is an xp driver for the make and model as some are vista specific.

As for teh pqservice, you can delete it if you like as its the recovery partition and you shoudl have some recovery disks with teh same info on tehm so if you need to reinstall you can from the disks, of course if you dont have the recovery disks keep teh partition just in case

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a.  The recovery partition will recover your machine back to Vista, so there's no point in keeping it.
b.  When you create the new partitions in XP Setup, you will be required to format the one upon which you're installing the OS.  This will erase everything.  Then you'll have to go into the Disk Manager once XP is up and running and create a new drive on the other partition, and you can format it there.
um... are you sure you want to downgrade? Vista is better than XP.
I love your optimisim tuxx ;o)
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