having 2 SBS servers on the same network but in different domins

We just aquired a second company and moved them to our office. I currently have a SBS2003 server on our Domain and they also had a SBS2003 Server on there domain. I want to put both in the same physical network to give them the ability to share some network printers and access to a windows 2k3 server running citrix. I have Domain A running dhcp and dns. Domain B is set staticly as there are not to many clients. I also set up 2 vlans in my switch for company a and b. Everything seems to be fine but i wanted to make sure that there are no issues with the 2 sbs serves "seeing" each other. I thought the vlan would prevent this but since they both have access to the term server is seems they can also ping A to B. My other option is go to seperate subnets and lose the shared printing feature. and access the citrix server via outside url. With this scenero work without strange results.. Thaks
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I think you are fine. The limitation is one SBS per domain (but you cannot create trust relationship between these two sbs domains)
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