Windows XP wireless doe'snt see any available networks

I have a Dell Portable D610 with Win XP pro.  It will not detect available wireless networks.  The other computer in the house will.
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k_dietzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into your Dell WLAN Configuration Utility  (should be under Control Panel, but you can also look in the system tray in the bottom right of your taskbar and hover over your icons until you find the Dell WLAN Utility.  It will be a clear icon (or perhaps yellow).  If it were green you'd be connected to a WLAN network already.

There is a checkbox in that utility (where depends on what version you have) that states "allow windows to manage my wireless networks" or something to that effect.
Have you done a repair?
Have your tried removing and reinstalling the wireless and re-installing drivers? That's what I would do first.
Then do an ipconfig /all and post the outcome here.  Start>run>type cmd>type ipconfig /all (space between g and /all)
Under Network Connections in Control Panel, check to make sure your Wireless Network Adapter is not disabled.  If it is, right click and select Enable.

You may also have a switch on the outside of the laptop that turns your wireless on and off - make sure that it is set to on.  

You could check to see if your WiFi light lights up at all (its near your NumLock/Bluetooth lights above your keyboard).  If it doesn't, and there's no switch on the outside, perhaps there is a driver issue (missing or corrupt).  In this case I would check to download a new WLAN Driver.
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BoodaBuddyAuthor Commented:
How do i get the wireless connection to be controlled by Win XP
It could also be backwards from that syntax, instead saying ''use this software to control my wireless networks'' and you have to UNcheck it instead.

After that you may still need to start the WZC service manually. See
If there's no button on the edges or between the top of the keyboard and the LCD hinges for the wireless, Dell's hot-key combination to toggle the wireless is typically Fn+F2.
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