Is there any way to get a distributable copy of Acrobat Reader 8.1.3?

I've tried using Adobe's program where you send them your email and requirements and they email you a link to download, but even if you explicitly specify Reader 8 (they give you 8 or 9 to choose from), the email you always points to the distributable install of Reader 9.

I've already taken a hit after installing on Sr VPs who later complained they could not open documents (trust me, updating them first was not my decision). Soon after we discovered the problem was because it was instaleld from a UNC location (\\server\share\folder as opposed to R:\folderinmappedshare\installfolder\). While this can be rectified by reinstalling from a mapped drive, I'd rather wait until 9.1 comes out before giving the new version another shot. However, I WOULD like to deploy updates to version 8.1.3 in our domain. Is there a way I can do this other than running Reader and clicking on Help, Check for updates? That means one internet download for each PC and that ads up.

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Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, I just noticed that they changed their web site, and Reader 8.1.3 is no longer directly available - you have to click on the "Different language or operating system?" link and make selections for your OS and language.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
You can still get the "old" version on the normal Adobe Reader download page. The version is the same as the redistributable version.

You can make adjustments in the installation with the information from their enterprise deployment page ( - that includes the use of the customization wizard (
johngerityAuthor Commented:
Well ... I was about to say that this only gives you the option to install as an activex thing, BUT I noticed something. After I clicked on [Download the Acrobat Reader] it gave me the page I expected with the yellow bar across the top to allow install of some add-on, BUT that same page also had a link in it saying "Thank you. Your download will start automatically. If it does not start, click here to download."
When I click it, it offers to download AdbeRdr813_en_US.exe. Awesome!

And I didn't even fill out a marketing form ^_^.

johngerityAuthor Commented:
I hope others can take advantage of this before Adobe decides they're loosing money because they're not being draconian enough on free software. XD
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