Spooler Subsystem app error

I'm getting spooler subsystem app error while trying to print. This has happened before and I've followed the directions from Microsoft to fix the issue which didn't not resolve. I had to rebuild the machine last time this occurred though i know they're is a solution.

Microsoft fix:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810894

Nothing they suggested seemed to fix the issue.

No new printers have been added, yes i'm using a laserjet 1022n printer that was added months ago and working fine until now.

The error seems to stop the print spooler from running, So i go back into services > printer spooler > start. I then try to print, error pops up and stops print spooler from running.

Any input would be great.

Error attached.
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
To quote from the link given below:

If the Print Spooler service fails when printing, when Windows starts or it can not be restarted, the usual reason is that one or more printer drivers is defective.

This page has some very good advice on how to clean up installed printer drivers so that you can reinstall the printer and hopefully correct your problem:


I think I have had a similar situation before and it was driver issues.  Your MS article seems to point to this too.  I know it's weird that it's worked up until now with the same driver ... but hey that's computers right.  So I would attempt to reinstall different drivers.  At least this will be quicker than rebuilding the machine.
Here's a couple you could start with http://driveragent.com/results.php?t=18463590&p=0
We have had this problem as well, it is with the Laserjet 1022n's and PDF documents (only some documents though).  It has to do with the way the Plug and Play drivers work for that model of printer.  The only solution we have had success with is to use another printer for that particular document.
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