Creating and managing ODBC connections centrally

Is there a way to have our IT department create and manage ODBC connections centrally, rather than having to set up a connection to a database on each user's desktop?  We have about 250 users on our LAN/WAN, and it would make the rollout of one of our new pieces of software much easier if we didn't have to "visit" each of the machines individually.
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Louis01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am sure there are System Management Software that can do this, but you should be able to execute a simple vbscript to create the data sources for you. The URL below contains an example of a VBScript to do just that. (Untested)
Do you have to use ODBC? What is the application architecture?
jwshomeAuthor Commented:
We have an application platform called Pivotal, which requires during setup the user identify two databases via ODBC.  We'd like to install the app on everyone's desktop (rather than run it from a Citrix server, as we do now) but we would save installation time if we could set up the O
DBC connections centrally, like mapping drives.
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