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What is the best way to repair IIS 6.0 Windows Server 2003 sp2

I am running IIS 6.0 on microsoft exchange server 2003 service pack2 running on windows server R2 service pack 2. I had issues with OWA on a front-end server, and I successfully repaired OWA using the metabase explorer tools, and regenerated the virtual directories. When you connect to OWA on this FE server by itself, there are no issues. When you readd- the  FE server  to the windows network load balance cluster,
owa logons fail internally. Right now, I cannot rebuild this box with a clean install of windows and exchange server, so I am wondering if an uninstall and re-install of IIS would be worth a try. If I uninstall II6, should I also uninstall windows server service pack 2, then re-install IIS and reinstall service pack 2?

What is the correct scenario here to reinstall IIS6.0?

Any help is appreciated
1 Solution
if you uninstall IIS6, you don't have to uninstall SP2, but you should always reinstall SP after uninstalled/reinstalled or simply install any component that came with the OS.
bignewfAuthor Commented:
In the scenario I presented above, do you think a repair of IIS is advised, even after repairing the IIS virtual directories? Since this FE server was removed from the network load balance cluster,owa clients don't connect to it anyway.

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