Outlook 2003 not using word when replying

For one of our users, Outlook 2003 suddenly stopped using word as an editor when replying to messages.  It still uses word when starting a new message.   We are running windows xp.
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jbartleydccConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
repairing work and outlook did not work.  i did some of the updates for office 2003 and that seemed to fix it up.

thanks for all of the useful tips though for next time everyone!!
RS197768Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried to repair word. I have seen stranger email things being repaired regarding word as an outlook editor with the word repair program that you can find under Help -> detect and repair.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello jbartleydcc,

1. An addin could be interfering. Disable Outlook Addins.  Go to Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Addin Manager or COMM/Addins and disable the addins.

If you cannot open Outlook, do a search for and rename extend.dat file.

2. Check if an external program running in the background is interfering with Outlook. Check Firewall, antivirus and other security programs, Yahoo and Google toolbars, and desktop search programs. Disable these programs one at a time.

3. Repair Outlook. With Outlook open, go to Help > Detect and Repair.  If no joy, run a similar repair on MS Word.

4. If no joy, repair Outlook with this free utility -  OLfix

5. If no joy, create a new Outlook profile.

6. If no joy, reinstall Outlook.  Go to Add/Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Install/Uninstall.  A menu will pop allowing you to choose repair or reinstall.

Hope this helps!
ashwynrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In case if you are getting error regarding OLE then try the below:

OLE registration error can be resolved by registering the ole32.dll file.

* Close Outlook and Word.
* Click Start
* Click Run
* Type the following command in the Open box, and then click OK:
Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll

* Click OK in the RegSvr32 dialog box

Start Outlook and it should now work as it should be.

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