WinExit.scr Only want to auto-logoff administrators

I have a few workstations that are shared. For example, on one shared workstation, it stays logged in under a restricted user account and runs our time-clock program. This is so workers can clock in and out on this PC. If a supervisor wishes to check his/her email, he/she logs the restricted user off and logs in as themselves which is an admin account on that PC. Many time, the supervisor forgets to logoff and, for security reasons, I have their screen saver come up after 10 minutes which locks the computer. When a worker comes up to clock in or out, the workstation is locked and they either have to find the supervisor or call on IT. I want to use the winexit.scr (or any other method) to logoff only these administrators after a period of inactivity. What would be even better is when it logs them off, it logs the restricted user back on automatically.

Workstation is Win XP Pro on an a domain running 2003 R2.

Any chances someone knows how to do this?

Thank you,
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The screensaver is a per-user-setting. Login as admin and set winexit.scr as screensaver and you are done.
To logon the other user automatically you could configure a logoff script for the administrative user that uses shutdown.exe -f -r -t 00 to immediately restart the computer. Configure autologon (as the restricted user) and that one will get logged in automatically after restart.
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