Analysis and implementation of scheduling algorithm

Purpose :  To bring together various ideas of OS we have learned so far.  Designing a small part of the operating system and dealing with the details of the implementation of the design.  We will also learn to deal with unanticipated problems and work in teams.

Problem Statement : Your team is in charge of implementing and studying the effects of six scheduling algorithms.  The algorithms to be studied are given below.

    * First Come First Serve (FCFS)
    * Shortest Job Remaining (SJR)
    * Round-Robin (RR)
    * Shortest Job First (SJF)
    * Priority Scheduling (PS)
    * Multi-level Feedback Queue Scheduling (MFQ)

In the system you are building, each process arrives one at a time.  Each process is characterized by three parameters : the CPU burst, I/O burst needed and the id of the process.  Assume that you have only one i/o burst and if a process needs an i/o operation, it occurs exactly half way through the CPU burst (for example, process 1 has as its parameters (CPU burst - 10 seconds, I/O burst - 5 seconds, id - p_1), then I/O burst occurs after the process has run for 5 seconds).

You should be able to read the information about processes from a file.  Note that FCFS and SJF are non-preemptive and SJR, RR, MFQ and PS are preemptive.  For the RR algorithm assume the quantum is 3 units. For the MFQ assume there are three Queues. The first queue will have a time quantum of 3, the second with a quantum of 6 and the third will be treated FCFS. Processes in the lower queues will be assigned the CPU only if higher queues are empty.

Keep all units in seconds. Break all ties based on the Bakery Algorithm (the process with the smaller process id number will get ahead). Assume you have infinite instances of I/O devices (i.e. no need to create an I/O queue to schedule I/O). There should be no need for user interaction.

Input should be:executable input_filename number_of_processes snapshot_time_interval (for example $mysched file1.dat 10 10 - for the executable named mysched with input data in a file called file1.dat with 10 processes and snapshot taken every 10 units of time)

% Sample Input File
% P_ID     CPU_burst    I/O_burst     Priority
0           10              4             2
1            8              2             1
2           12              0             5
3            2              4             4
4            8              3             0
5            6              4             2    
6            4              0             5
7           16              7             5
8           14              0             1
9            2             10            1
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This is your assignment, I gather.

What's your question for us ?
consolemasterAuthor Commented:
Sorry, here's what I needed

    * You should report the following for each scheduling algorithm :
          o Throughput.
          o Average waiting time.
          o CPU utilization.
          o Turn around time.
          o Sequence of processes in the CPU.
          o Snapshot of the ready queue and I/O queue every 10 seconds.
          o Comparison of the six algorithms.
          o Your recommendation of which would be the best choice for the given input file.

consolemasterAuthor Commented:
It has to implemented in C
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That "you" refers to you, not us. Those are the questions that you were asked for your assignment.

What's your question for us ? You realize that we can't solve this assignment for you, do you ?
consolemasterAuthor Commented:
Here is something that may help.
consolemasterAuthor Commented:
Yes, I can't solve it. This is the second assignment. I solved the first one which was programming a UNIX Shell using system calls.
May help with what ?
>> Yes, I can't solve it.

Apart from solving it for you, what is it that we can help you with ? What is your specific problem with this ?
consolemasterAuthor Commented:
The problem for me was:

Actually, my dificulty is with the MFQ implementation.
Here's an overview of MFQ :

And I'm sure your class notes contain further information.

What difficulty do you have ? You need to be a bit clearer when asking a question. We don't have a crystal ball to know what you're seeing and thinking. You need to describe your problem in as much detail as possible.

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May i asked who gave this assignment it sounds awfully familiar to one i gave to my current students weeks ago. Interestingly enough it was due today i hope you were not expecting someone to just code this for you when it is due about 2 hours from when you asked the question. If you have been needing help with your assignments you may want to attain help from your partner or professor in the future. You may find that they will be more helpful than websites especially ones that are meant to "help" with coding problems not write code for you...
Interesting turn of events :)

Prof_Bala, on this site we're quite serious about assignments. We provide guidance, hints and answers to specific questions, but the assignment has to be solved by the asker himself.
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