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Transparent mode on a PIX

How do I set up transparent mode on both the command line and PDM
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Firstly, you can only run transparent mode in version 7. Hence, make sure that's what you are running

In transparent mode the PIX does not have IP addresses assigned to its interfaces. Instead it acts as a Layer 2 bridge that maintains a MAC address table and makes forwarding decisions based on that. The use of full extended IP access lists is still available and the firewall can inspect IP activity at any layer. In this mode of operation the PIX is often referred to as a "bump in the wire" or "stealth firewall". There are other significant differences as to how transparent mode operates in comparison to routed mode:

    *      Only two interfaces are supportedinside and outside
    *      NAT is not supported or required since the PIX is no longer a hop

Make sure you read this overview of the mode too here:

To set up transparent mode on the firewall, either do firewall transparent or mode transparent from the configuration mode

You can follow this example to create a configuration:

johnc0817Author Commented:
Can I set this up in PDM or must I use command line?
I don't know what version of PDM you are running but all configuration docs are located here. check your 'show version' on the firewall and find out what PDM version you have. Then choose here


There are some references to setting transparent mode at these links:

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