Can't delete some messages

I have a user that can't delete messages from something like Nov 1 to Nov 7. Recent stuff he can delete just fine. Why? We're on a BES server, Exchange 2003 and use outlook 2003 at the desk. The deleting problem is just on the phone asaik.
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I've seen this issue a few times due to messages being remembered on the BES that are no longer located in the users mailbox for whatever reason. What I've done in the past is backup the besmgmt database and handheld then remove the user & delete their info from BES, wipe handheld, re-add and reactivate the BB. Granted you will loose any additional customization like profiles, icon layout, theme settings, password keeper etc. But it will ensure you get a "clean" activation. I hope there's another way to fix but for those users who just care so much and don't take no, that's the solution I've given.

While monorail1's suggestion would get the job done, I've solved this problem much easier.

Occasionally the Message List on my BlackBerries have become corrupt. This doesnt happen often. To fix it, you will need to plug your BB into a desktop that has BB Desktop Manager loaded. Go to Backup/Restore, then Advanced Backup/Restore.

On the left side, find "Messages" on the list. Hit the "Clear" button. This will wipe out this database clean. You will lose every e-mail on the device... be warned! This is the only way I've been able to fix this, and I've confirmed with RIM that short of wiping everything... this is the best way.

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cajxAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much... this one particular user is not a great one to wipe if I don't have to. I had a similar problem with his calendar... I imagine I can try to find a similar clear option for that.
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Alogvin - thanks dude, I totally forgot about that :)

Cajx - I know the question is closed but to fix the calendar issue you could try:

calendar > options > wireless sync: NO then set back to YES & wait a few min

If that doesn't fix, try options > advanced options > service books & delete the Desktop [SYNC] service book then resend from BES


Hate to correct you again monorail1.... deleting the Desktop [SYNC] service book wont help the calendar... that uses the Desktop[CICAL] service book ;)
cajxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the additional info guys. I was going to ask if there was a nice list out on the web somewhere that said what each service book does... but I can't find it. I'm hoping that means you normally don't have delete these frequently... except maybe the Desktop[CICAL]. One this one page

they make it sound like resending the service book from the BES would auto-fix any service book problems. Do you buy this, or in your experience deleting the service book with the problem/corruption is the right answer?
Sigh it's just not my week, meant CICAL, typed SYNC =)

Typically resending SB's from BES does help but sometimes the handheld has a corrupt one and the BES doesn't properly overwrite it hence the need to manually delete from BB & resend from BES.

I need sleep

monorail1's answer was 100% correct.. you may go to bed now ;)
cajxAuthor Commented:
Good deal. Thanks again y'all.
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