Remove "Program name" property of JPG file

One of my picture was editted by Photoshop and I don't want anyone can see it in my picture's property. So, how can I remove "program name" property of JPG file? Thank you!
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leegclystvaleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ahhhhhhhhhh, I see :o)
Try irfanview
Options > JPG Lossless Operations: Transformation None, Optimize, Save with Original Date/Time, and either Clean All APP markers, or Custom Keep Comment only
Or yu can do it in photoshop by saving for web but that will degrade the image. You need to keep an eye on the settings.
Try both and don't do it on the original if it's important :o)
just chsange the extension of the jpg image to picturename.doc or something else
lieuliauAuthor Commented:
Hi leegclystvale,
I think you misunderstood me. When you view properties of a jpg file, there's a property name "program name" shows which program created the picture. In my situation, it's Photoshop. All I want is remove it.
lieuliauAuthor Commented:
Both of your solution clean all properties of jpg file. But it's not important. Thank you for your help!
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