Dual monitor resolution problem

I have two Samsung 19" 913N monitors and a Matrox G550 dual monitor card. The secondary monitor has a resolution of 1280x1024 which works fine. The primary monitor for the same resolution goes completely out of proportion. Hence i am managing with a 1280x960 for this. I have tried swapping the monitor but to no avail. Is there anyway this can be resolved? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Are the monitors identified correctly in device manager or are they seen as plug and play monitors.
If so then you should install the monitor drivers

The other reason for this may be the video cards inability to draw the combined resolution of the 2 monitors at that resolution.
bhargavchakAuthor Commented:
The monitors were showing as plug and play. But i still have the problem after installing the monitor drivers. The card was working fine at 1280x1024 resolution with other 913N monitors before the system was moved. Any thoughts?
What do you mean by -->"before the system was moved"
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bhargavchakAuthor Commented:
We had to move the system to an other desk. It was working fine with two 913N monitors before (Not the same being currently used now). I have also tried replacing the current monitors with the one it was being used with. Still no luck.
Then I would look at physical issues at this point, such as the video cables
The last resort would be to reseat the video card, then uninstall and reinstall the video card drivers.
bhargavchakAuthor Commented:
That did not work as well. Anything else I could do?
bhargavchakAuthor Commented:
Changed the card to another Matrox G550 and it works fine now.

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