Computer freezes while doing anything 3d

Computer freezes while doing anything that has 3D (alsmost)
At this point, I just have to go in the ATI Catalys control panel, and go in the 3D section, and in 1 second, it freezes. hard have to reboot!
Same thing if I try to run the windows experience rating..... or if I go in any 3d games.

Drivers for ATI is 8.10, also downgraded to 8.9, changed all sorts of things in the bios (yes one change at a time), tested other ati videocard same thing!! it freezes on simple 3D stuff.

I did install the newer 8.10 verson of the ati driver, and it froze while installing... since then....  crap, that is the onlything I can think of that is diffrent!

Freeze freeze freeze!

Don't get me wrong, computer works very well, if I just surf the net, check emails, and fast too!
just don't test the Graphics capabilities or run 3D environments... it will freeze.

So much testing has been doing to trouble shoot this "new" box with vista 64.

worst part is that I was able to play 3D games before updating driver and crashing in the install...

Don't know what else to do or check!  DirectX ?  done
new drivers /downgrde driver ? done
disabled sound card? done
tried and ATI 600?  done

any idea on the next step....   (and don't tell me format reinstall :-)


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Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard.
Crs707Author Commented:
All chipset drivers, BIOS, RAID drivers, or drivers of any kind are up to date, and that is for sure. I'm a freek of having the latest Drivers for my machine ;-)

Actually, I thought that getting the latest ATI 8.10 was what made my machine start to act up! But it might be that when I installed 8.10 Catalyst ATI the system crashed in the middle of the install, since then.... car on any simple 3d environment
like: the windows Experiance rating test, makes the machine freezup, just going into the ATI 3D stuff freezes the machine in 1-2 sec.

Even einstalled directX 9.0c

now wondering what else I should reinstall or update... or even downgrade!

that's it for now.
Are you getting any erros in the event viewer when it crashes?
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Crs707Author Commented:
no error messages, just a good old computer freeze with mouse stops moving and sound just repeats the last half second (tic tic tic ......)

Reboot comes back fine and fast! logs only show that the computer rebooted prematurely or suddenly.

FYI, Temperatures are all good, both CPU, motherboard GPU, RAM.... you name it...
I've been monitoring this for 3 weeks now, and can't figure it out
Seams like it's DirectX10 or some other OpenGL or Graphic something.
RAM test is successful with no errors.

Actually reinstalled ATI drivers many times, and downgraded.... with same result
Motherboard is a Asus PW5 DH Deluxe
Downlaod drivers from the Asus site, even got the Realtek sound drivers both from Asus and from Realtek...  same deal.

even putting my ATI 600/700 in the system and installing drivers did the same result...
that is why I think it's software.

that's it for now
Crs707Author Commented:

found something new in the logs now...

A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:      LiveKernelEvent
OS Version:      6.0.6001.
Locale ID:      4105

Files that help describe the problem

 View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Extra information about the problem
BCCode:      117
BCP1:      FFFFFA80037071C0
BCP2:      FFFFFA60028136F8
BCP3:      0000000000000000
BCP4:      0000000000000000
OS Version:      6_0_6001
Service Pack:      1_0
Product:      256_1
Crs707Author Commented:
I think I found it!!!

well it's not freezing anymore.

ACPI setting in BIOS now set to enabled, and also had Everest ultimate running, and it was the reason for the crash while doing 3D stuff, as soon as I closed it... and Graohics were good!

So I thin I'll runn it smooth and monitor to confirm

but it looks like that little software was the culprit, and show symptoms in 3D Graphics Stuff!!!

We live, We learn I guess!
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