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How to combine 2 maps in Garmin Mobile XT

In Garmin Mapsource I have selected 2 mapsets in Spain:

- The relevant maps from City Navigator Europe V9 (routable street/city-maps)
- The relevant Spanish topographic maps

When I upload these maps (+waypoints and routes) to my device, it will show the streetmaps when I am zoomed out, but when I zoom in, I see only the topographic map.

Is there a way to choose between the topgraphic or city maps when zoomed in?


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Basically, as I understand it, the maps have to be transparent. Your Garmin device has a base map set which IS transparent, and that's what you are seeing when you are zoomed out, but when you zoom in, the topo map is obscuring the streetmap you uploaded, so you can't see anything other than major roadways.

You can use some external software to help with this - making your maps transparent. I couldn't find an exact tutorial on how to do it, but this link (http://home.cinci.rr.com/creek/garmin.htm) has the basic information and links to the software needed.

LuckyLuke57Author Commented:
OK, thanks, seems reasonable.
I'll have to try it out, friday perhaps.

But I'll come back to that.

LuckyLuke57Author Commented:

I did investigate the suggestions on that site.
Conclusion: perhaps this works when you have to combine 2 maps only once. But it is a very complex way to combine maps if you like to combine 2 maps on a regular base (i.e Europe street map / France topo when you go to France, Europe street map / Italian topo when you go to Italy etc.). In that case you have to do the job hundreds of times for every img.

It is in the Garmin Mobile XT program itself, I didn't find it at first.
There you can select the Mapsource Map you like to use. But you don't have that option there before you click the "Mapsource" button at the bottom.
So I set the Topo maps OFF and the street maps ON when driving and routing.
I set the Topo maps ON and the street maps OFF when hiking or walking in nature.


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