Coldfusion CFDocument / PDF problem - is there any way to have NO pagebreaks??

I'm using CFDocument (under CFMX 7 ) to create PDF files of inspection reports.  The problem that I'm having is that the page breaks are happening in unpredictable locations in the reports, and they look pretty terrible and dont' print very well at all.

Is there some technique I can use (or a special set of parameters I can add to my cfdocument tag) that would ELIMINATE all page breaks, -- so that the PDF would just contain just a single, very long page ??  I'm thinking that this might result in much nicer looking PDF report.  Is this at all possible?  If so, how?

Thanks in advance,
- Yvan

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rsfreeseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have not yet tried Report Builder version 8 against a CF MX 7 server.

On the downloads page, there is a version for MX 7 on that page that I have used with our MX 7 server.
(EXE, 14.3 MB)

Not having RDS working yet might be preventing you from finishing the initial wizards.  See if you can skip all that and just compose a simple report.  If you can compose a report and save the CFR file, and create a CFM file that calls it, it should work.  

I have set up RDS on the development server, but not on the production server.  I just post the files from dev to production using Dreamweaver but drag and drop or FTP would do the same thing in the absence of RDS.

You might open a new question with the RDS problem.  Could be something simple.
You can not turn off page breaks but you can set your own pagebreaks using:
<cfdocumentitem type = "pagebreak" />

Or you can make your own pagetype.

<cfdocument pagetype=''Custom" pageheight="11.69" pagewidth="8.27" ...... >

pageheight and pagewidth are default in inches.

Hi egoselfaxis,
     Please use
     H2 {page-break-before: always}
 and place the <H2> tag where ever you want to break the page
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egoselfaxisAuthor Commented:
Is there a way that I can create some kind of PDF "template" that I could populate with dynamic data?  I think this would allow greater control of the page breaks and formatting.  Or is there some kind of 3rd party PDF generating custom tag that we could install that would work as a better solution, perhaps?

- Yvan
My suggestion is to look at the Macromedia ColdFusion Report Builder.  It's like Crystal Reports for CF.  You control where the pages break in your PDF (or Flashpaper) with a lot more control.
egoselfaxisAuthor Commented:
Will this version of the report builder work with CFMX 7 ?  The last time I experimented with this software, I was never able to figure out how to set up the RDS.  Do you have any experience with getting it set up?  Could you give me any pointers, perhaps?

- Yvan
One extra comment, just for future readers, it looks like you would need to set your page dimensions to a custom height so as to be "tall" enough that there are no page breaks.  

This is on Reports, Report Properties, Page Size.

Also be sure you set up your grouping and any cover/footer page so there are no page breaks and your PDF should just flow down the screen.
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