Block Specific Countries - Inbound WEB and SMTP

I have a client who has a successful e-commerce site behind a Sonicwall TZ 190 Enhanced Firewall. The web/email server is on the OPT (DMZ) interface.

After a lengthy discussion, the client has indicated they would like to block WEB and SMTP access from certain problematic countries. Bottom line--sales are not coming from these geographic regions... but a lot of SPAM and HACKING IS.

What is the best/easiest way to block ports 80 and 25 for only a specific number of countries?

I looked into blocking IP ranges but the ip-country database, available here: is quite lengthy. There appears to be A LOT of IP ranges to enter into the firewall even to just block a few nations. Any better ideas?

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RangerRick1Author Commented:
Looks interesting ... but geared for linux. Can I use GeoIP on Windows IIS6?
ommm i will have to look at google then

have a look at this one

there are too many article for apache. i will past some more article for windows

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do you want to consider paid software ?

some thing like this

yap check this one

it might be help full

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RangerRick1Author Commented:
Used GeoSniper - Seems to be a pretty solutions for our needs! Thanks.
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