compiler error C2475 - 'member_name' : forming a pointer-to-member requires explicit use of the address-of operator ('&') and a qualified name

Hi Experts,

I'm using an MFC app and have the following code which won't compile because of the error in question.  What's going on here?

CMyDlg dlg;
	if(dlg.DoModal != IDOK)

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Simple error, big effect - you forgot the brackets. Just use
CMyDlg dlg;
        if(dlg.DoModal() != IDOK) // <---!

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threadyAuthor Commented:
I went to bed very late last night - proof that I should not ever be doing that.  I noticed it right after posting my question - but jkr, you are like one of the cowboys in the wild west - too fast for me to go back and delete my question - right after I posted it.... You already had the chance to read it and answer it......   Thanks - you deserve the points for being so fast!  ;-)
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