1.4 MB word file turns into a 22 MB pdf?????

I do not understand how a word doc with jpg's in it can be larger when turned into a pdf. I created the word doc and saved as pdf, it was 1.4 mb and the pdf is 22 mb. I need to be able to email the file. This does not make sense to me. I have attache original word file
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Using the preference to create "smallest file size"  I get these results.
So you've got a lot of leeway.
Looks OK to me.
What version(s) of Office (word) and Adobe?

ezradallasAuthor Commented:
I am using a mac with Office 2008 and it is not adobe, it is just the pdf version that comes with mac, so I do not have any options
Yeah mac's have this conversion built-in but there has to be better ways to use it than through MSword.
What you have is the print version.
Try to use the "Compress PDF" command from the Print dialog box (NOT the "Save as" PDF option).
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ezradallasAuthor Commented:
There is not Compress PDF option when I hit print
Hang on.

Mac has a perfectly capable, multi-function PDF capability.  The one mostly commonly known is print-->PDF format, but there is lots more.  Several non-MS programs allow Compress, Export, etc, which are all beyond the Print as PDF capabilty.

MicroShaft is legless as usual, and only provides the Print as PDF capability.  (BTW, you can try Pages (the Apple equivalent of Woid) at one eight the price.  Blew the doors off Woid many years ago.)

Something to check at your end.  Where are the JPGs which you have included in the Woid doc actually stored ? They may be links in the doc, and not actually stored in the doc, e.g. 1.4mb word doc contains links to 22mb JPGs.  No amount of compression is going to help you, the PDF will be 22mb plus (say) 0.5mb for the words.  (well you want the audience to get the photos in the email, right).

These days you might want to consider posting the JPGs on a site (.Mac, MobileMe ?) and getting your audience to click on the link, which you type into the doc or the email.  Instead of emailing the same 22mb to all.
I take one point back.  I just ran up Woid on the Mac.  You =can= use compress as PDF from it.  Print: then the PDF button (left bottom corner of the dialogue).  This gives you 9 PDF options, one of which is "Compress PDF".  (This just confirms DathHo's last point.)
I better shut up.

Downloaded file = 1.4mb, including JPGs
Printed PDF via Woid = 9.9mb
Compressed PDF via Woid = 964kb

Therefore it looks like the Mac PDF capabilities are available to Woid, and they work in other programs, but using them via Woid produces some Gatesian (opposite to expectations) results.  Just like the price.
ezradallasAuthor Commented:
I do not have the compress PDF avaialble
Compress as PDF: Ok, you are stuck with a very old version of MacOS.
Original 22mb file problem: you are suffering from the effects of the nine millionth MicrShaft bug.

You might want to try Pages, the word processor from Apple in the iWorks suite, packaged with Numbers (spreadsheet) and Keynotes (presentation).  Blows the doors of MS, in both intuitive interface and functionality departments.  Free trial, or 75 bucks for the full licence.
ezradallasAuthor Commented:
I have Mac os x 10.5.5, i thought it was the the latest. Please let me know if it is not
ezradallasAuthor Commented:
Here is a screen shot
Weird.  10.5.5 is definitely the latest.  I see there is no "Compress as PDF" option under your "PDF" button.

Here is my screenshot (10.4.11).  I tried changing printers, but the "PDF" options remain the same, as expected.

I do not have access to 10.5.5 right now, to check if the option has been removed or how to get it back; I can do that next week; maybe "Compress" has been placed elsewhere, may be worth looking for it.

Actually, I might as well send you the final product file as a once-off, but I realise this does not provide a solution for the future.

On further examination of your original file: you have 4 x PICT and 1 x JPEG images embedded.  If you save those images as PNG (any compressed format, I realise there are implications with the print shop), then drag them into your Word doc, you should get better results, and less complications, maybe avoid the condition causes the MS Word bug to be executed.  The principle is to always compress the images before inclusion in Word (or whatever) doc.
Picture Clipping 3 at 1.8mb, and opened by the Finder only looks like it would benefit from some attention.
Here are a couple of way to reduce the file size using the Quartz filters.

1. Save the file as a PDF using the print command, then Open the document you just saved with the Preview application, now do a "Save as". When the save as window comes up, select Format as PDF and right below that is the Quartz filter. select that and in the drop down choose "Reduce File Size"

2. Open the ColorSync utility, from the file menu, select open, navigate to the PDF you wish to reduce, at the bottom of the window select the filter - Reduce File Size and then click on apply. close the window and you will be asked to save the changes.

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Compress PDF is an option that is available in Tiger, but it is no longer present
in Leopard. In Leopard, save your document as a PDF file then use
Spotlight to find an application called ColorSync Utility. Drag the PDF file
onto the icon in the dock, then select Reduce File Size from the Filter
drop down button at the bottom of the screen. Save the now vastly smaller file.
In Leopard, if you save your file as a PDF, then open that PDF with the Preview application, you can select Save As from the file menu. From the options presented in the Save As dialog window you can choose Quartz Filter drop down menu and select Reduce file size.

ezradallasAuthor Commented:
Thank you! So simple yet if you do not know where it is, you can never get it done. I was about to buy Adobe writer!!
ezradallasAuthor Commented:
I said the solution was great, however it did not work for some of my files. They made them hard to read
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