How to interpret a Classic ASP cookie file.

Classic ASP VBScript


With the help of some Experts, I am getting into Cookies, for which I previously have not had a need.

I am successfully generating Cookies now, however, I would like to know how to interpret the file it generates.  I am wanting to verify expiration dates, etc., however, it all looks cryptic to me.

I create a simple Cookie from a Login form and accompany that with an "Expiration" line:
            response.cookies("cookiepass").expires = dateadd("d", 1, now())

1) I attached the contents of the file it generates, but I can't decipher what all the lines mean, and more specifically, where is the "expiration" date?

2) After a Cookie expires, does it delete the Cookie from the file/system?  If not, what indication is there in the file that the cookie has expired?

Thank you so much,

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Why are you trying to decipher the file?  Just use the Request.Cookies object to get the data.

The expiration date consists of the numbers after the domain.

The browser handles cookie expiration automatically.  If the cookie expires it is deleted from the filesystem automatically.

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lshaneAuthor Commented:
Hi, ChetOS82.  Thank you.

I know it's a bit trivial, but I was just wanting to actually see the projected expiration date listed.  Just viewing the cause-and-effect of the cookie generation.

I am indeed using the Request.Cookies object to retrieve the data.  I was just hoping actually be able to see tomorrow's date as the "expiration" date, if generated today with an "expiration" of 1 day after today.

Thanks for the confirmation of how the system handles the expiration - by deleting it from the system.

Thanks so much,
lshaneAuthor Commented:
I was just hoping to know what all those numbers mean.
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