I can't get the secondary monitor to work.

I have the secondary monitor attatched.  I've gone to the display properties and right clicked on the second monitor, there is a check in front of the word attatched.  When I next click on identify, it keeps displaying the number one.  I've tried everything in the display settings.  I'm thinking there is a fn key I need to press but I don't know which one and everyone I have tried doesn't work.  Any ideas???
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Yeah there usually is a fn key that looks sort of like a monitor. I think on your keyboard its the f4 key.

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PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, I'll try it when I'm done mirroring the drive.  Thanks
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
Actually after looking, I'm sure I tried that and nothing happen.  Could the fn key be disabled in some way?  It was working fine until she took it to Staples for a $29 tune up, lol.
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Are you saying nothing appears on the external monitor, or that it shows up as display 1?

If nothing shows, you may need to configure the resolution of the external monitor differently from the laptop native resolution, since it is a widescreen.

If it shows display 1, you need to change the display to "extend my desktop" by clicking on the checkbox for it.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
thanks for your comments.  I brought the laptop home, mirrored the existed drive to a new drive.  Then I plugged in into my (not clients) external monitor and it worked no problem.  So I'm going to try it again tomorrow on the original externel LCD.  Maybe the clients LCD went bad.  The only thing I got on her externel LCD was, No Signal!  I did try the "extend my desktop".  I played with all those settings for awhile.  Again, I just keep get "No Signal"  on the LCD monitor.  I disconnected and reconnected the cables too.  Maybe the hard drive that I just swapped out was causeing the problem.  It wasn't in great shape, that's why I change it out.  We'll see what happens tomorrow and I'll let you know.  Thanks.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
Oh my... it's one of those that you say "Duuuuu".  I have to admit though, it's not like I forgot, I really don't see why I needed to do this but I guess I did.
I TURNED THE MONITOR OFF AND BACK ON AGAIN.  Thats it!  After returning the laptop to the client and pluging in the externel LCD, it was still showing only the "no signal" sign.  I turned the LCD power off and immediate on again and everything showed up fine.  
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