Access Message Box using dlookup

Hate to seem like I'm slacking on reasching end, but I'm looking for a function what would display a tabel value using a message box. I have a table called, tlbVerisonServer and with column called "VersionNumber" (numeric value).

I just want a fucntion that would procdure a message that says, "Current database version is "Version Number" (the actually table value"). I really don't hate to ask someone to do all the work, but I'm curious to see how setup would be. I want to do some things in my database for learning and testing purposes.

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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:

i don't know where you want to call the message box, but here it is

msgbox "Current database version is " & Dlookup("VersionNumber","tlbVerisonServer")
Buckeye4LifeAuthor Commented:
Thank You. I was thinking I would have to open a recordset and everything.
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