Exchange - Event 1221 does not reflect recently cleared space


We're trying to free up some space on our Exchange Server before it fills out.  We were at about 66GB.  I did an export list on ESM of the users mailbox, totaled the Size collumn to make sure, and sure enough we were at about 66GB.

I had users move their old emails to local .PST files on their local drives.  DId another export and totaled, we were down to 59GB.  I plan on having them further remove old junk.

However, Event ID 1221 reports only 4MB of free space this morning.  Is there something I need to do further to reclaim the space?

Thanks for any help!
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JohnGerhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
realzeroburnAuthor Commented:
Ah!  That may be it, I just checked and did not see a 702 event, so the 1221 isn't accurate.  Does that mean I can check tomorrow after tonight's run and it may be ok?
As long as your maintenance schedule IE online disk defrag etc. doesnt run at the same time as the backup then you shoudl be fine..
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