Adding a printer alias - second reference to printer with different properties

We have a software program that requires us to set up a "Printer Alias". Looks like you have 2 shared names for the same printer and set the properties separately for them . Purpose is so we can refer to another name when requiring to print to a second tray.
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know of any way to create a printer alias. However, it is quite easy to create a second copy of the driver, with different default settings. Just start the Add Printer wizard, add the new printer, using the same port as the old one. When it's installed, go to Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults and make your settings there. Then go to Printing Preferences and do the same there.
donhannamAuthor Commented:
Thanks that pointed me in the right direction - I was trying to attach to a network printer rather than local one in wizard.
Ah yes, the good old network printer furphy: as far as M$ are concerned, a printer that plugs into your network is a *local* printer, only printers attached to other PCs are network printers...

Thanks for the points!
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