How to print a file....

I would like to print this file. (see the file attached), but it didn't let me print, maybe because it was configured in hp deskjet 500, and i need to print it in "Canon GP200 PCL 5e" in letter

I can see it in autocad 2006.

This is an archive 1.jpg, but if you want to see it, just change the extension from jpg to dwg...
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darrenmcwiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See attaached JPG screen capture. When you first plot, you'll likley get an error telling you the printer is not fount or something like that. That's because the drawing has saved within it the name of the printer the lasdt person that printed it used. This is not a problem, just click ok to proceed to the plot dialog which I've attached a screen capture of.

1) Set the RED circled area to the printer you want to use. If you don't see your printer here and it is installed on your computer, let me know, there's an option that may control this.

2) Set the ORANGE Circled area to the paper size you want to print to.

3) Put a check in the PURPLE circled area to force the drawing to shrink to the paper size.

4) Set the drop down list in the BLACK circled area to "Window" then use the button in the BLACK circled area to temporarily hide the dialog allowyou you to pick the two opposite corners of your drawing defining the area you want to print.

5) Look at the GREEN circled image. It gives you a graphical representation if your plot will fit within the sheet given the parameters you selected. There should be no edges that are red indicating the plot will fit within the paper you picked at the scale you picked.

6) The BLUE circled area you can select, or create new CTB files which tells your pinter how "BOLD" or what "COLOR" to print vs what color is used in the drawing. Don't worry about this for now, just use the plot preview button and verify that the above settings display a plot preview. If that happens, continue to plot. After that, you can tweak your settings more if you like.  You should really go through the help system and learn more about plotting if you are going to be doing this on a regular basis. There's a lot of settings but once you understand them all, it's not that hard.
Does it preview properly? What plot settings are you using? The orgin isn't at 0,0 so plotting to extends will reduce it to a dot way off in space. Try plotting to Windows or moving the lower left corner to 0,0.
I had no problem printing  that , just click ok after u get the error message, and set your own setting ( the printer and paper size , and the window for "what to print" and scale... )
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felnyAuthor Commented:
darren, please make a good read of the trhead.  I HAVE NO PLOT. i vane a standart print

padeshahoo--> ok, that sound soo ease, but i don't know how to do that. Can you giveme a print-screen?

After the error message, i set my own configuration, but it even didn't giveme a preview.
Doesn't look like the image was uploaded. Trying again...
felnyAuthor Commented:
Thanks my friend. you are great betwen the gretest. jejeje
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