How do I import multiple Outlook Calendars to my Google Calendars?

I have 3 Goolge Calendars that I want 2 of them to sync with 2 different Outlook Calendars. The 3 Google Calendars are all going to be managed by different people and only one person will see all three.

One of the Outlook Calendars has color coded events and I am aware that those don't seem to transfer over that way. They all come in as one calendar and color in Google.

Here's how it works:
OUTLOOK CALENDARS                                 GOOGLE CALENDARS
Debra (color coded events)-----------------------------Debra (this google calendar will be synched to the
                                                                                                other 2 google cals)
Restaurant ------------------------------------------------Restaurant

The problem is that the Outlook Calendars are under the same e-mail and when I do the google sync for outlook it syncs the info from both calendars to both google calendars. This makes it really difficult to organize and gives me the same info twice.

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cayltConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your best bet by far is a free service offered by which uses an Outlook plugin called Funambol to synchronize Outlook and Google calendars and contacts.  These can then be synchronized with other clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, for example.

For information on getting each component configured, check out the blue links in the top left corner of the screen here:
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