The Backups Best Practices in this infrastructure?

I have a difficult backup schema, I am experimenting some issues like as:
I am using Open File Agent, (Fileserver and SQL) the backups jobs crashes constantly, sometimes caused by disc space.
The jobs takes so much time to finish, some of them until 32 hours.
I do differential backups mon-fri, full sat & sun on a HP MSL6000(28 Slots) Tape library, and I do Duplicates on a Sony LIB 162(16 Slots). The sources backups finish well, but takes too much time, then the duplicates constantly fails.
The main idea is to implement the backups best practices to solve this issues.
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RobinHumanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best practice with the sort of volumes you are talking about would be to have secondary servers replicating with something like double-take or wansync and DFS, so that all info is being continuously replicated;
alternatively, you need to split the backup jobs (more devices running smaller jobs) to ensure completion.
Both of these have cost implications, but will provide for a more meaningful recovery system
hope this helps you
Rodmart100Author Commented:
Can you give some advice about how to implement a backup best practices using Veritas Backup Exec?
Rodmart100Author Commented:
The solution is good but I need something more, like an company example or a document.
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